ALPHA LASER presents the first 3D printer with secure powder handling at the International Dental Fair IDS in Cologne.

Our new 3D printer for metals, the AL3D-METAL 150-50, was well received.

The unique cartridge concept for clean and safe powder handling has made visitors very curious. The unpacking station ensures high safety for the operator and a clean separation of the sintered component from unused powder. The developed solution enables a closed powder circulation, so that the operator no longer has to come in contact with the harmful powder.

More and more industries are turning to metallic 3D printing for the production of their workpieces using DLMS (Direct Laser Metal Sintering). This additive manufacturing process offers many advantages over conventional manufacturing processes, such as milling or casting. Individual and complex geometries can be realized quickly. Unmelted powder can be reused; therefore, the material yield is unmatched. Production using 3D printing saves time and costs, especially when it comes to custom-made products. Tools and molds are no longer required.

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