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  • 18.06.2020

    Extraordinary jewelry is created with an ALPHA LASER

    Would you suspect that such a filigree piece of jewelry was made with the mobile welding laser ALM?


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  • 30.04.2020

    Bavaria's State Secretary for Economic Affairs Roland Weigert visits ALPHA LASER

    We recently received a visit from the State Ministry of Economics. The first contact with Roland Wei...

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  • 27.04.2020

    Welding of Battery cells

    Together with Shark Robotics, the French specialist in terrestrial robotics, ALPHA LASER has develop...

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  • 05.03.2020

    MAN Energy Solutions receives the first AL-CROSS mobile laser device

    MAN Energy Solutions Augsburg receives the very first of our new mobile laser welding system AL-CROS...

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  • 16.01.2020

    State Secretary visits ALPHA LASER booth during EUROGUSS

    Roland Weigert, State Secretary in the Bavarian State Ministry for Economic Affairs, Regional Develo...

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  • 15.01.2020

    Production of a screw conveyor by powder deposition welding

    Screw conveyors transport e.g. rubber, malt, sugar beet, but also biscuit dough, pellets or earth. T...

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