Used Systems and Demonstration Equipment

Laser Systems from Alpha Laser Have a Long Service Life.

Overhauled laser devices from ALPHA LASER are used systems in top condition. Consequential costs are manageable
as we offer our customers an exchange concept for expensive components.

And of course you will also be instructed and trained by our technicians.

Used Machines that are Currently Available:


Production DateMay 2013
Hours of operation6h 57min
HistoryDemo system
Conditionvery good

ALM 250

Production DateApril 2017
HistoryHistoryDemo system
Conditiongood, slight signs of usage

ALV 150 WINLaser

Production DateApril 2016
HistoryDemo system



ALFlak 300 mobil

Serialnumber  01530411-12.16
Production DateDezember 2016
HistoryDemonstration system