Unsere Lasersysteme im Überblick

Jeder Mensch hat das natürliche Bedürfnis gute Arbeit zu leisten.
Wir helfen Ihnen dabei, mit Sicherheit.


Overview of Our Laser Systems

Everyone has a desire to render good work.
We can help you do so. That is for certain.

Under this motto and in cooperation with our customers and partners, we develop laser systems which 

  • reliably support your work
  • guarantee the necessary (also high) laser power on the workpiece
  • are easy and efficient to use
  • are a long-term, safe, and value-retaining investment for you
  • are flexible, mobile, robust, well-thought-out, ergonomic, and precise
  • and even make working more enjoyable.

In short: professional tools that are pleasant to use for everyday work.

We have the right laser systems for almost all metalworking applications for our skilled trades and industry customers.
The areas of application for welding, cutting, and hardening range from very fine components from the fields of precision engineering / medical technology through to pressing tools that weigh several tons. Our many years of experience in developing lasers allow us to offer you an extensive range of tried and
tested solutions for your application. We have developed unrivaled laser devices especially for mobile laser welding. 

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ALFlak Max

ALFlak | ALFlak Faser



AL-ARM 450 F




ALS 100

VL 50




AC 300 F | AC 450 F