Work Benches for Laser Welding Devices of the AL Series

The stability of the movement system is critical to achieving optimal welding results.
Precise focusing of the laser is only possible when a high degree of stability is given.
Our laser work benches are particularly stable.

They were developed in combination with the AL series of laser machines and make it possible to work in an unrestricted workshop.
All movement systems have one thing in common: they are easy to use and accurate.

AL-T Basis for Nd:YAG Laser

The AL-T Basis is recommended when you need to flexibly process a wide range of different workpieces without programmed welding....

With the AL-T Basis, the laser head is moved over the workpiece. The resonator can be moved longitudinally with the joystick. The resonator holder itself can be rotated 360° and fixed in any position within the swivel range. This means you can place your workpiece on the bench or, if it is larger, simply next to or behind the bench.

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AL-T 500

The professional work bench for precise positioning and automatic welding...

The welding process can be fully automated with the AL-T 500 and our WINLaserNC software. The axes of movement are then controlled by software and the laser pulses are executed automatically. The table is extremely stable and therefore outstanding for series production.

However, you may also weld manually or semi-automatically with the joystick.

A unique function of WINLaserNC is the user coordinate control. This function facilitates the welding of complex workpieces with inclined planes. You define the working plane. The advantage: only two instead of three axes of motion need to be controlled with complex welds.

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ALFlak Movement System

The ALFlak movement system is recommended for the powerful AL 500.

AL-T Basis CAN for Fiber Laser

The bench ships with or without a work plate, as preferred. The operating elements of the laser are used for controlling.