Mobile laser welding system: multifunctional & compact

This new machine development focuses on robustness, quality but also dynamism. 

The external values: A robust steel housing with sturdy aluminum handles for increased impact protection of the edges allows for a multifunctional use of the laser welding system.

Safe transport and easy loading and stowing of the AL-CROSS is ensured thanks to resilient recesses as well as integrated fastening options and a winch eyelet.

The 5th wheel on the laser device enables the gas bottle to be moved directly with the laser device, which is very practical. Generous storage space for this and that, special holders for welding wire, joystick, foot pedal, safety glasses and tools are useful aids. You can also connect the fume extraction to the integrated socket.

The arm of the AL-CROSS can be brought into a very high position, so that there is the possibility of small welding work such as on a car roof or overhead.

Flexibility and mobility, the genes of most ALPHA LASER welding machines, are perfectly implemented in this device.

How does the laser get to you or to the place of use?

The mobile welding laser, with its transport height of only 1.25 m (the display is tiltable), can be stored in the trailer, VW Bulli, Multivan, Crafter, Caddy, Mercedes Vito, Sprinter and all other vehicles with a loading height of at least 1.40 m. Once on site, the AL-CROSS fits through standard doors.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Working in very high (e.g. overhead) and deep (e.g. on a pallet) positions possible
  • Reinforced shock protection through stable aluminum handles and a robust steel housing
  • New multi-function joystick AL-Drive: ergonomic and equally suitable for right and left-handers
  • Intuitive software and apps for certain welding tasks
  • Generous storage space and a functional design: perforated side paneling for special brackets for attaching tools, foot switches etc.
  • Tiltable HMI touch display for optimal visibility
  • Open laser system - you work without restricting the working space
  • Safe working - The system meets performance level d
  • Very short set-up times (position the arm, fix the brakes, start welding)
  • Extremely flexible due to the turn-and tilt possibilities of the laser head

Now to its inner values:

A fiber laser with 450 W constant laser power is waiting for use. Welding can be done either in pulsed or in CW mode. Its welding behaviour can be influenced via integrated pulse shapes. The welding parameters are set either via the colour display or via the multifunction footswitch or the new AL-DRIVE control unit.

The HMI colour display with touch function is intuitive to use. There is also an integrated keyboard within easy reach of the operator.

The display can be tilted in order to always have an optimal view and best of all: The "senior mode" allows the user to set and read the laser parameters without reading glasses.

A software feature is a rotatable coordinate system for adaptation to the workpiece surface. And then there are a few fine apps

  • for easy welding of circular parts with ramping feature
  • definition and automatic welding of rectangular or square plains
  • and welding of shafts (just enter die diameter of the shaft and the length to be welded)

With the new control unit AL-DRIVE, the axes of the AL-CROSS can be controlled or set in semi-automatic mode and the laser parameters can be set or adjusted. The pulse trigger, the R axis and the lockable fast gear are located in the joystick. And whether you are left-handed or right-handed doesn't matter, because the buttons can be freely programmed.

  • AL-CROSS - Download data sheet
    • Laser
      Laser type/wave lengthFiber laser, 1070 nm
      Average power450 W
      CW power450 W
      Peak pulse power4.5 kW
      Pulse energy45 J
      Pulse duration0.2 ms - CW
      Pulse frequencySingle pulse - 100 Hz
      Beam parameter product at 50 ?m2-3 mm * mrad
      Operating modesPulsed/CW
      Welding spot Ø0.2-3.0 mm
      Focusing objective150 mm, further according to lens data sheet
      Pulse shapingAdjustability of power curve within a laser pulse
      Display and operationLaser parameters set through touchscreen, multifunctional footswitch keyboard or/and AL-Drive
    • Observation lens
      Leica microscope attachment with eyepieces for glasses wearers, 10 × Optional 16 ×.
    • Work area
      The processing head can be freely positioned anywhere in the room and can also be moved by a motor using the joystick
      Movement speed (X, Y, Z)0-25 mm/s
      Movement range (X, Y, Z)120 × 110 × 800 mm
      lowest working point400 mm
      highest working point1900 mm
      Arm deflection1300 mm
    • External dimension
      W × D × H790 × 1590 × 1250 mm
      Weight480 kg
    • External connections
      Electrical connection3 × 400 V / 50-60 Hz / 3 × 16 A / 16 A
      External coolingLens water cooling integrated

Technical accessories

ALFT-HDMI camera system

For displaying the welding process on an external monitor The camera system is specially made for ALPHA LASER systems and is mounted below the laser's microscope attachment. Includes power supply, HDMI cable, and laser connection cable. HDMI recorder for recording not included in scope of delivery.

Ergo wedge 5°-25°

Enables tilting of the binocular for ergonomic working

Magnetic holding sphere

for quick and easy placement of the workpiece. The slip-stick effect between the ball and the socket guarantees a secure hold of the workpiece in any position.

Perpendicular objective - LED ring light

The LED ring light integrated in the objective provides optimal, even, and flicker-free illumination of the workpiece in daylight quality Focusing objective f = 150 or f = 300 available and protection glass 601-0690A

Rotary axis module

For welding cylindrical parts Tiltable for horizontal to vertical rotational movement. With chuck Ø 125 mm and inside diameter 24 mm

Turn and tilt objective

Our tilting objective significantly eases work in difficult workpiece positions. In the objective's full 360° rotational range, the beam can be directed continuously up to 40° from the vertical. Moving the workpiece is not required. The beam can be conveniently directed towards difficult to access locations while maintaining an ergonomic work posture. With focusing objective f = 150, LED ring light and protection glass