Partnership for parameter development in 3D printing between Rosswag Engineering and ALPHA LASER

Over the next  months, Rosswag Engineering will work out parameters with our powder-safe AL3D-METAL printer and qualify new materials and special alloys.

The ALPHA LASER 3D printer is significantly smaller than the previous systems at Rosswag, which leads to advantages in terms of material qualification services. The system makes it possible to obtain initial results on the processing capabilities of a metal powder with a manageable effort and low powder requirement. The then developed process parameters can be scaled to larger LPBF systems using a derived transfer function.

The AL3D-METAL system has an innovative cartridge concept, which promises comfortable and safe powder handling. To use the 3D printer, three identical cartridges are required, one functioning as a powder reservoir, the second as a construction platform and the third as a powder overflow. The cylindrical building volume has a diameter and a height of 50 mm each. The printer's 200 W laser works with a fine focus diameter of 50 µm for high surface quality. 


Rosswag Engineering specializes in additive manufacturing using selective laser melting (SLM / LPBF). Rosswag supports its customers from the qualification of metal 3D printing, through design adjustments or the individual metal powder production for development processes.

ALPHA LASER is a successful manufacturer of laser systems for welding, hardening, cutting and now also for 3D printing of metals. The AL3D-METALL is a printer with a cartridge concept for safe powder handling. This ensures occupational safety and the powder can be exchanged quickly.

We are very much looking forward to this cooperation, from which our customers can only benefit.


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