ALPHA LASER award patron 2021

In 2021, ALPHA LASER was the award patron of the Goldsmiths ’Craft & Design Council for the first time and has awarded a new technology prize: the use of laser technology in combination with fine craftsmanship. The creations of the jewelry designers should be specially designed for the application of laser welding or laser cutting and should not or only with difficulty be able to be manufactured using conventional methods.


The ALPHA LASER Gold Award was won by Ellina Pollitt for her “Parametric Silver Bracelet” and Jiarui Sun for the “Conversation Earrings”.



Parametric Silver Bracelet – Ellina Pollit
At the award ceremony for the “Parametric Silver Bracelet” by Ellina Pollit, the judges said that “with it’s pure, clear style the techniques used and the highly precise cutting and programming that were utilised and the level of finishing were all highly commended”




Jiarui Sun also won the Goldsmiths ‘Company Award, which is given for extraordinary and outstanding design. The jury rated the conversion earrings as “technically innovative, highly original in design, beautifully executed and wearable”.

Conversion Earrings – Jiarui Sun



For many students and professionals, the awards are motivation and springboard at the same time.

We are very pleased that laser technology is an important tool in the creation of jewelry, that it optimizes the manufacturing process and offers plenty of room for creativity.



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