A new member of the 3D team

We look forward to working with the company "ORFIN HIGH-TECH INTERNATIONAL LTD" in the field of customer advice, service and sales of our 3D metal printers for applications in the jewelry and university sectors in China, Hong Kong and Macau.

ORFIN HIGH-TECH INTERNATIONAL LTD has been offering digital 3D printing solutions for the jewelry industry since 2003 and has also been active in the aerospace, automotive, medicine and training / research sectors since 2016.

At ORFIN, customers receive complete solutions for additive manufacturing: software, 3D printers, application advice and machines for post-processing.

ORFIN values the ALPHA LASER metal printer AL3D-METAL for the following reasons:

  • the cartridge system that makes it possible to print high-priced precious metals with little waste of powder
  • Safe powder handling in which the user doesn’t come into contact with the powder.
  • The ease of use.
  • The compact machine concept.

The photo shows a ring made of stainless steel and bronze, created in a printing process with combined material printing (this can also be done with the AL3D-METAL - powder change quickly and safely).


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