Powder deposit welding with laser systems from ALPHA LASER

Corrosion protection and tool repair with laser deposit welding

Tool wear due to abrasion and corrosion are significant cost items in production processes. What can remedy this is a thin layer of metal powder to give the workpiece higher resilience. The service life of the workpieces is significantly increased by deposition welding or powder deposit welding. This gives the components and tools more strength.

The fiber lasers of our ALFlak and AL-TW laser devices provide the high power of 450/900 watts required for this type of use. 

The preferred metal powder is blown from a nozzle into the laser focus by means of a carrier gas, which simultaneously acts as a protective gas, and welded onto an existing component with the laser energy, resulting in a pore-free and crack-free layer with low dilution and a small heat-affected zone – lasers speed up the processing of workpieces with this approach and achieve qualitatively flawless results. Various metal-working industries already use powder deposit welding with laser machines, such as the tool and mold manufacture industry and automotive industry. The process is also used for armor-plating shafts, such as in the energy sector (oil and gas).


The advantages of our lasers for powder deposit welding:

  • Precise laser deposit welding with powerful laser technology
  • Various performance classes and machine concepts
  • Mobile laser machines for maximum flexibility
  • Open laser systems: no restrictions in the work area
  • Use for tool protection and repair


Speed and efficiency with laser deposit welding

Laser welding devices are particularly useful to quickly and efficiently coat even large surface areas with powder deposit welding. Expensive components can thus be effectively reconditioned and processed. Protect workpieces that are subjected to significant stresses against wear and corrosion, e.g., drills, turbines, and engine parts. Our laser machines also enable repair welding. The laser devices can also easily process large areas, as wider tracks or more material application is possible by repeatedly traversing the desired zone. 

 Our ALFlak fiber and AL-TW laser machines – which were designed for laser welding – can also be used as powder coating systems. The laser systems can easily be used for powder deposit welding, pulsed welding, and CW welding. The mobile AL-ROCK laser system is a laser hardening system with optional powder deposit welding and is particularly useful if you need to frequently switch between laser hardening and powder deposit welding.