Laser Metal Deposition with Powder

Tool wear due to abrasion and corrosion are significant cost factors in production processes.
What can remedy this is a thin layer of metal powder to give the workpiece higher resilience.
This significantly increases the workpiece life.

Powder deposit welding is a metallurgical bond. It uses the high energy output of the laser to fuse a metallic powder to the base material of a workpiece.  The desired metal powder is blown from a nozzle into the laser focus by means of a shielding gas (which also acts as a protective gas) and welded onto an existing component with the laser energy. This results in a pore- and crack-free layer with low dilution in a small heat-affected zone.

The workpiece becomes more resilient as a result. This process is used primarily to recondition large and expensive components.

Laser cladding protects workpieces that are subjected to significant stresses against wear and corrosion, e.g., drills, turbines, and engine parts. The surface quality is improved and the load capacity is increased.

Repair welds are possible all the same.
Large areas can be built up quickly and efficiently, because wider tracks or higher material application is achieved by repeatedly moving over the target zone.

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