Laser Welding

Whether joint welding or build-up welding with wire or powder – our objective
is to make laser welding ever more precise, user-oriented, and faster.

The good controllability of laser energy allows welding of metallic materials with  high melting temperatures and high
thermal conductivity. Materials that are otherwise difficult or impossible to fuse can often be jointed by laser.
Laser technology is indispensable when it comes to mechanically solid, precise, and visually appealing joints.

The advantages of laser welding compared to conventional welding procedures are many:

  • Precise energy input even on the finest structures
  • Low workpiece distortion
  • Very small heat-affected zones
  • High mechanical strength of the welding seam
  • Slim seam geometry at butt seams, lap welds, fillet welds
  • Smooth, oxide-free surface
  • Contactless welding without force application onto the workpiece 
  • Good process control for consistent production quality
  • Various materials can be welded
  • Good accessibility

Our laser systems allow you to weld manually, semi-automatically, or automatically
(with and without wire feed).


Semi-Automated Laser Deposit Welding

This works similarly to manual laser welding: the operator has the option to run one or more axes at a pre-set
speed, so that only small curves or corrections have to be made manually with the joystick.