Laser Deposit Welding with Powder as an option to our fiber laser systems

From now on, you can weld powder with our fiber laser systems ALFlak 900 F and AL-TW 900 F.



Powder laser deposit welding is a generative manufacturing process. Metal powder is fed through a nozzle with a carrier gas into the laser focus and melted onto a workpiece. Surfaces, lines, or any geometry can be applied when the nozzle is moved relative to the workpiece. For processes without a defined direction, an annular gap nozzle is used to ensure uniform melting.

Almost any layer thickness and even 3D volumes can be achieved by coating suitable materials in several layers. The produced layers are free of pores and cracks with low dilution.

The process is ideal for the coating of components with high-quality wear protection layers. Powder laser deposit welding allows the joining of different materials, which means that the best possible material properties can be combined. This significantly increases the service life of the components. Examples of possible uses are hard coating (HRC60) and corrosion or abrasion protection (nickel alloy with embedded tungsten carbide particles).

This method is also suitable for repairs in which pre-programmed geometries are filled in or built up. Large-scale material application is possible quickly and efficiently.  

In addition, powder deposit welding can be used for gap bridging during joining. The nozzle for powder deposit welding is available for the ALFlak 900 F and AL-TW 900 F laser systems. 



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